Butterfly wing Thea Porter vintage 1970’s maxi dress.

HOTCAKES is an independent, on-shore tax paying business, and real living wage employer.

Sam started out on a market stall clearing out her wardrobe to cover the bills. She enjoyed selling nice things to good people so she took on a little shop, hand making much of her stock, flipping car boot vintage finds, and ‘giving it 6 months’.

Things escalated, the business evolved. We’ve now been making people in the happy valley smile for over 15 years.

A home for the bright and colourful and thoughtful, HOTCAKES carefully curates design-led gifts, stationery, music merchandise, fun and functional things that we love, and superb quality hand-picked sustainable vintage clothing.  Somehow we still marry all these things together within the same small space.  

We love art and design, we’re colour, print, and music junkies, we’ve a fondness for the left of field, we don’t like being pigeon-holed, and we’re passionate about preloved and sustainable fashion.  

Everything is connected* The clothes we wear remaining within the chain of utility, with the added punk ethic of wearing what you want, not being dictated to, and exploring and expressing your individuality is core to our business.

HOTCAKES curates something a little different, supporting and showcasing independent creatives wherever we can, and contributing to the unique experience of shopping in a town full of amazing independent retailers who genuinely put their heart and soul into their enterprises. It’s an honour to trade within, employ within, and feel enduringly uplifted by the Calder Valley community. 

Enjoy our online store, and don’t forget to pop in and for a warm welcome when you’re next mooching around Hebden Bridge shops.

With love,

Nina, Maya, Catherine, Naomi, Sam, Pete




*the global fashion industry contributes 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions (source: United Nations). Shocking reports of garment workers’ treatment in order to feed this industry are a reality.


| inset image: Vintage Thea Porter Butterfly Print Dress circa 1970’s.

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